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Teilzeitbetreuung/ Vorschulbetreuung, Nanny Zuhause, Au-Pair (Infos)

Anja, Au-Pair (Berlin)

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I hope people would describe me as an independent and mature person. I also love to joke around and feel like a kid. modify
My family and friends
I come from a family of 5. I have an older brother and a younger sister. They have taught me to share things and how not to be spoiled. I am the middle child :) Even though people say that middle child syndrome doesn't exist, I think it has helped me to grow more independent and self aware.
I was raised in a regular middle class family, so I don't need much material things to be satisfied in life. I value people and experience more than anything. modify
My education
I have finished high school 2 years ago. I am currently in art school, studying photography and am planning on taking a gap year this year and then think about in which direction I should go. modify
What I do in my free time
In my free time I usually try to create something or play music. I also enjoy walking around town or in the nature. Since I come from a small village near the capital of Slovenia (Ljubljana), I am used to being surrounded by nature and cannot imagine living without it. So, if you have a dog that needs to be taken care of, I am more than welcome to walk him. I also enjoy reading and doing crosswords (grandma things).
But in general I try not to consume internet and media as much as possible.
My experience with kids
To be fair with you I don't have any references or "real" experience with kids. I have babysat my sister and my cousins since they were born and also my neighbour's kids since last year. I have also helped my dad with workshop organisation bfor kids on summer camps.
Although I love children I am prepared and aware that not everything that comes with them is having fun and playing.
My language skills
For now I am fluent only in English and Slovenian. I've been wanting to learn German since I was 16 years old, but never got around of doing it. I think now it's the perfect time to give it a try. modify
My expectations
I want to find a host family that would treat me as their equal and would care to help me with my German. I also want to build strong friendships and not just employer/employee relationship. modify
Other important information
I am going to have a driving licence before arrival, I promise :)

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Angebotene Dienste Teilzeitbetreuung/ Vorschulbetreuung
Nanny Zuhause
Ausbildung Erste Hilfe Kurs
Erfahrung Erfahrung mit Familien: Betreuung von Geschwistern, Cousins.
Hat schon Kinder im folgenden Alter betreut: Unter 6 Monate
6 bis 12 Monate
1 bis 3 Jahre
3 bis 6 Jahre
Über 6 Jahre
Gesprochene Sprachen Englisch (fließend)
Deutsch (Anfänger)
Zusätzliche Dienste Hausaufgabenhilfe : Ja, Grundschulniveau
Kochen für die Kinder : Ja, das kann ich
Putzhilfskraft/ Bügeln : Ja das kann ich


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